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Temple News - 1/30/07

Four-week fitness contest is in the cards

In a city famous for cheesesteaks and ranked one of the nation's fattest, about 100 Temple students will take on the challenge to lose weight and aid the university in hopes of being named "Philly's Fittest College".

The four-week competition employs Flip Fitness, a new workout system that uses a deck of playing cards to determine the exercises. Each card represents a particular exercise that a participant must perform.


Temple News - 2/06/07

Sweating out a Philly challenge

Let me be frank, I'm not glowing. It's sweat - beads of it - seeping though almost every glandular pore and onto the King and Queen. For the last couple weeks I've been flipping out, trying to do my part to make Temple's student body the leanest in the city.

About three weeks ago, when I was shuffling through the usual plethora of e-mails in my TU account, I spotted one with an unusual subject head sent from one of my sorority sisters - Flip Fitness.


The Hawk - 1/24/07

Philly six compete to be "Philly's Fittest College"

With the freshman 15 looming over everyone's head and the country's obesity rates on a constant uphill climb, students are always looking for a new way to make fitness interesting. This is what Flip Fitness offers St. Joe's students: a unique workout program and a little healthy competition for motivation.


Collegian - LaSalle University - 12/06/06

Contest will determine fittest school in Philly

Ever wonder which college in Philadelphia is the most physically fit? Maybe not, but from Jan. 24-Feb. 21, a winner will be declared when La Salle competes with Temple, Villanova, Drexel, Philadelphia University and St. Joseph’s in the very first “Philly’s Fittest College” competition.