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I am a 70 year old with diabetes and emphysema who had never exercised in her life. After open heart surgery and an unfortunate staff infection, I was given very little hope for recovery. Post surgery, I had physical therapy ½ hour day which left me in bed for 23 ½ hours flat on my back. Then came “the Gestapos” ( my daughter, Susan and her best friend Heather) with the Flip Fitness cards that I initially hated, but learned to love.


They left me “the deck” of cards with series of modified exercises that could be performed in bed with the help of visitors. My goal was to complete the deck through the course of the day. The cards helped to get me moving and were definitely an integral part of my recovery.

I can honestly say that without the help of Flip Fitness and the support of “the Gestapos”, I wouldn’t be here today. I recommend Flip Fitness to people of all ages and abilities!

Nancy Santello

Flip Fitness is an extraordinary workout for someone with a limited amount of time. Being a college athlete I would much rather spend my time working on my game then being in the weightroom. Flip Fitness allows me to get a great workout in a fraction of the time with better results. The best part about it is that you can do it wherever, in your dorm room with your friends, in your home by yourself, or in the weightroom with your teammates. ANYTIME, ANYPLACE.

Mike Morak College Misericordia Basketball

Hi Sue!

We are off to the Worlds on Saturday.

Thank you for getting the team off to the best start ever.

I think we are in great shape.

Keep in touch, talk to you when we get back

Best Regards,

Erik Werner
USA Junior Dragon Boat Team

I am a varsity football and baseball player for Dickinson College who has used Flip Fitness to help with my strength and conditioning both in and out of season. I love the intensity of the workout and the fact that I can do it anywhere.

The workouts are different each time you play the game so you don’t get bored and are constantly challenged.

Christopher McInerney
Student-Athlete, Dickinson College

Flip Fitness is an awesome total body workout that caters to both the young and old who range from the very fit to the unfit. From an instructor’s point of view, the 3 levels of Flip Fitness help to accommodate all fitness levels. All 3 workouts provide a great workout. The first level challenges the beginner while the third level definitely kicks your butt!

Flip Fitness is great for kids too. Kids like the game for gym class because they love the excitement of the cards and not knowing what comes next. My kids taught the class with me by helping to flip the cards and even getting into the action themselves. They ask me every week when they can do it again.

Flip is great for the older generation as well and even the disabled. You can do Flip anywhere- anytime. Whatever your age or ability level, Flip Fitness is fantastic!

Eileen Gervasi
Fitness Instructor

I have used Flip Fitness personally and I love the concept- I can get a great workout with level 2 or can challenge myself to do level 3 and get a very intense, total body workout in a short period of time. I have been anxiously awaiting the final product so that I canuse it with my patients. This program is great for anyone from the elite athlete to the elderly bedridden individual. It can be performed anywhere with no need for additional equipment. I highly recommend Flip Fitness.

Dr. Lenny Roberts
Roberts Family Chiropractic

Flip Fitness is such a great tool, for individuals or groups. The quick changes hold interest (especially important in our video game generation), but it is structured enough to follow easily, and requires little equipment, is self-contained and is easily transportable to different settings. The exercises were fun and simple and adaptable to a wide variety of fitness levels, and participants can refer to the chart if they miss what the instructor just said.

Kathy Hickey
Occupational Therapist

Just wanted to drop you a line and express to you how wonderful Flip Fitness worked for my PE class.

I am a Physical Education teacher for K-8 in Philadelphia. The kids liked the idea of playing with the cards and also knowing that they had to complete the whole deck pushed them a little farther then they would have gone on there own. The excitement of the luck of the draw helped them to be eager to flip to the next card.

I especially liked the way the game could be modified to each grade level and there ability.

Thank You for sharing your design with me and the kids.
Good luck I'm sure it will be a huge success!

Marie Langiewicz
Physical Education Teacher
The Greenwood School